Luxury Condominium Building:park Lane Ala Moana by Katie Palmer

Katie Palmer Designs The Park Lane Ala Moana Luxury Condominium Building

Katie Palmer, the designer of the award winning work Luxury Condominium Building by Katie Palmer explains, With a prime location and unparalleled views, Park Lane is a luxury condominium in Honolulu. The eight-story, eight-building development is cen <Cropped>

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Flowerpot by Zhang Jian

Zhang Jian Discloses The Side Watered Flowerpot

Zhang Jian, the designer of the highlighted work Flowerpot:Side Watered by Zhang Jian explains, This design is a Flowerpot with an added tray. In general, flower roots are 3-4 cm beneath the cultivation soil. So a tray is added at the outside of the <Cropped>

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Modulable Lamp by Davide Oppizzi

Davide Oppizzi Illustrates The Mozaik System Modulable Lamp

Davide Oppizzi, the designer of the highlighted work Mozaik System by Davide Oppizzi explicates, The mozaik system is made up of cables wrapped in vertical fabrics that are then separated by a fiberglass rod held by brass connectors. In these connect <Cropped>

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Amalia Restrepo's Diversity Poster

Amalia Restrepo Illustrates The Diversity Poster

Amalia Restrepo, the maker of the highlighted project Poster:Diversity by Amalia Restrepo spells out, The Celebration of Diversity Fair happens every year in MedellĂ­n, Colombia and this piece was commissioned for the 2018 fair. The main theme is div <Cropped>

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Open Architecture's Prototype For Temporary Sales Pavilion

Open Architecture Discloses The Prototype For Temporary Sales Pavilion

OPEN Architecture, the creative mind behind the highlighted design OPEN Architecture's Prototype for Temporary Sales Pavilion - explicates, OPEN conceived a prototype V1.0 of standard temporary sales pavilion that enables speedy construction, c <Cropped>

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Boundary by Yunhyun Park

Yunhyun Park Reveals The Boundary Rug

Yunhyun Park, the architect of the displayed project Boundary by Yunhyun Park points out, The Boundary is a rug inspired by maps. Rugs are often boring in appearance and functions as only accessories. However, the Boundary of shape is strange, abstr <Cropped>

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Indigo Design Award

Indigo Design Award 2020 Is Open For Submissions. Indigo Design Award Is Open to Conceptual and Completed Designs That Are Five Years Old or Less. We Are Looking For Exceptional Work From Anywhere Around The Globe. Whether You Are a Student, Professional

Indigo design award 2020 is open for submissions. indigo design award is open to conceptual and completed designs that are five years old or less. we are looking for exceptional work from anywhere around the globe. whether you are a student, professi <Cropped>

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Love For Hometown-Propagate City Culture by Tao Jiang and Feng Wu

Tao Jiang and Feng Wu Exhibits The Love For Hometown Propagate City Culture

Tao Jiang and Feng Wu, the lead designer of the award winning project Propagate City Culture by Tao Jiang and Feng Wu illustrates, This is a series of posters and graphics. As seen, the meaning of seal image is Chinese characters: Jingdenzhen, which <Cropped>

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Spiral Rotating Building:turn to The Future by Shin Kuo

Shin Kuo Exhibits The Turn to The Future Spiral Rotating Building

Shin Kuo, the creator of the awarded work Award Winning Turn to the Future Spiral Rotating Building explains, In this highly advanced technology world, as an industrial designer one must be open to a new possibility. This concept focuses mainly on ho <Cropped>

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Coaster by Elkan Nuri

Elkan Nuri Illustrates The Keep Warm Coaster

Elkan Nuri, the thinktank behind the award winning project Award Winning Keep Warm Coaster points out, This product performs its function in its simplest form. This product is designed in golden ratio. Fire circles are the inspiration source of this <Cropped>

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