Hangzhou Zhongshuge Bookstore-Bookstore by Xiang Li

Xiang Li Creates The Hangzhou Zhongshuge Bookstore Bookstore

Xiang Li, the thinktank behind the awarded project Award Winning Hangzhou Zhongshuge Bookstore Bookstore explains, After years of growth, Hangzhou Zhongshuge is always adhering to its initial desire to emerge as the most beautiful bookstore for reade <Cropped>

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National Palace Museum Award-The 8th National Treasure Merchandise Design Competition

National Palace Museum Awardobjective The National Palace Museum (npm) Has Organized a Series of Design Competitions, Campus Seminars, Representations and Award Ceremonies to Promote The Cultural and Creative Industry, Pass Down a Wealth of Chinese Cultu

National palace museum awardObjective the national palace museum (npm) has organized a series of design competitions, campus seminars, representations and award ceremonies to promote the cultural and creative industry, pass down a wealth of chinese <Cropped>

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Servvan by Dmitry Pogorelov

Dmitry Pogorelov Portrays The Servvan Robotic Vehicle

Dmitry Pogorelov, the project leader of the displayed work Robotic vehicle by Dmitry Pogorelov points out, It is a project of service vehicle for Resource Based Economy, forming a network with other vehicles. A single system allows to communicate wit <Cropped>

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Restaurant and Bar:rangla Punjab by Ketan Jawdekar

Ketan Jawdekar Shows The Rangla Punjab Restaurant and Bar

Ketan Jawdekar , the designer of the award winning work Restaurant And Bar by Ketan Jawdekar demonstrates, Located on a roof top in a commercial premises, Rangla Punjab is a North Indian regional cuisine restaurant. One can get the feel of rural Punj <Cropped>

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Ux Ui & Fed-Batchly by Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design Studio Demonstrates The Ux Ui & Fed-Batchly Web Application

Lollypop Design Studio, the project leader of the highlighted work UX UI & FED - Batchly by Lollypop Design Studio demonstrates, Batchly SaaS based platform enables Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers in reducing their costs. The web app design i <Cropped>

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Lamp by Chifen Cheng

Chifen Cheng Spotlights The Focal Point Lamp

Chifen Cheng, the designer of the award winning work Lamp by Chifen Cheng explains, Focal Point Lamp is a source of illumination that serves many purposes. This lighting fixture combines a white-milky porcelain cube swiveling around a solid copper ro <Cropped>

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Indoor Home Security Camera by Alexandre Moronnoz

Alexandre Moronnoz Exhibits The Netatmo Welcome Indoor Home Security Camera

Alexandre Moronnoz, the lead designer of the highlighted design Indoor Home Security Camera by Alexandre Moronnoz says, Welcome’s design is elegant and non-intrusive, unlike traditional home security cameras. Welcome’s sophisticated technology is <Cropped>

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Weisi Zhan, Yi Teng Shih and Yushan Rong's Shampoo Bottle Adjustable Amounts

Weisi Zhan, Yi Teng Shih and Yushan Rong Reveals The Shampoo Bottle Adjustable Amounts

Weisi Zhan, Yi Teng Shih and Yushan Rong, the thinktank behind the award winning project Adjustable amounts :Shampoo Bottle by Weisi Zhan, Yi Teng Shih and Yushan Rong explicates, The adjustments of value result in changes in the press depth. Normal <Cropped>

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365 Day Design Challenge

The Challenge Aims to Destroy Those Creative Blocks That Every Designer Face to Build On Their Creativity

The challenge aims to destroy those creative blocks that every designer face to build on their creativity..

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Biometric Camera by Travis Baldwin

Travis Baldwin Shares The Argus Biometric Camera

Travis Baldwin, the architect of the highlighted work Argus - Biometric Camera by Travis Baldwin explicates, Argos was created as a low cost alternative to more expensive biometric solutions or staffed checkpoints. It's made for locations where <Cropped>

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