Art Installation:greenenj by Dmitry Pogorelov

Dmitry Pogorelov Demonstrates The Greenenj Art Installation

Dmitry Pogorelov, the creator of the displayed project Dmitry Pogorelov's Greenenj Art installation points out, Designer reflects in art installation correlation of freedom, life and feelings with renewable energy. Through the image of flying en <Cropped>

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Moose Kicking Tee by Design Edge

Design Edge Reveals The Moose Kicking Tee Kicking Tee

Design Edge, the designer of the award winning work Moose Kicking Tee - Kicking Tee by Design Edge spells out, Moose is a completely new way to support ovoid balls for training and game use. The Moose Tee provides space for the foot to kick straight <Cropped>

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Olaf Business-Carry-On Kickscooter by Bostjan Zagar

Bostjan Zagar Illustrates The Olaf Business Carry-On Kickscooter

Bostjan Zagar, the architect of the awarded project carry-on kickscooter by Bostjan Zagar says, Olaf Business, a 3-in-1 hybrid of a carry-on airline-approved suitcase, a trolley, and a kick-scooter. With an instant pedal transformation system (patent <Cropped>

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Wood Skin Exhibition Hall by Tacco Lee

Tacco Lee Reveals The Woods Mind Wood Skin Exhibition Hall

Tacco Lee, the lead designer of the awarded design Tacco Lee's Woods Mind Wood skin exhibition hall demonstrates, With simplification as design ethos and drawing inspiration from wood, the designer tries to create a scene of abstract forest.Usin <Cropped>

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Convention Center:panama Center For Events & Arts by Rm Plus, Llc Planning and Design

Rm Plus, Llc Planning and Design Presents The Panama Center For Events & Arts Convention Center

RM Plus, LLC Planning and Design, the author of the displayed project RM Plus, LLC Planning and Design's Panama Center for Events & Arts Convention Center demonstrates, The Panama Center for Events and Performing Arts is located at the mouth <Cropped>

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Future Cap Challenge

Pelliconi and Desall Invite You to Suggest Innovative Concepts For a New Easy-open Cap, Attentive to Design and User Experience, With The Aim of Creating a Funny and Interactive Product.future Cap Challenge New Product Design Contest On Pel

Pelliconi and desall invite you to suggest innovative concepts for a new easy-open cap, attentive to design and user experience, with the aim of creating a funny and interactive product.Future cap challenge new product design contest on <Cropped>

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Creote Studio Limited's Fox Movies Vr Virtual Reality Trailers

Creote Studio Limited Shares The Fox Movies Vr Virtual Reality Trailers

Creote Studio Limited, the creative mind behind the displayed design Virtual Reality Trailers by Creote Studio Limited points out, Virtual Reality (VR) technology is a useful tool to create immersive experiences, and Creote Studio have taken advantag <Cropped>

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Residential House by Ching Ya Chou

Ching Ya Chou Shares The Zenith City Residential House

Ching Ya Chou, the lead designer of the highlighted work Residential House:Zenith City by Ching Ya Chou explains, Replace artificial luxuries with natural textures, refine design language from traditional culture, and construct an antiseismic and saf <Cropped>

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Aura Cebilon Plus Icm Rexwat-Water Purifier by Ömer Kamber

Ömer Kamber Exhibits The Aura Cebilon Plus Icm Rexwat Water Purifier

Ömer Kamber, the designer of the displayed design Water Purifier by Ömer Kamber says, It is more compact and filter change are very easy according to its peers. It has five filtration stages. In ordinary RO devices, filter material is usually mount <Cropped>

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Labyrinth by Eckhard Beger

Eckhard Beger Presents The Labyrinth Chest of Drawers

Eckhard Beger, the creator of the award winning design Chest of drawers by Eckhard Beger spells out, Labyrinth by ArteNemus is a chest of drawers whose architectural appearance is emphasized by the meandering path of its veneer, reminiscent of street <Cropped>

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